Few days ago I decided try to use iPad for development in Python. I thought it could be funny but I didn’t believe that I will like it. After investigation of all possibilities I opened for myself powerful combination of the tools that allows to perform full process of development, refactoring and scripts execution on iPad. And even more – everything can connected to GitHub.

Let’s review it step by step.

First of all what You need – iPad or iPhone. Of course iPad is much better for development and the reason is obvious.

The second what You need is to download / buy 2 awesome applications and 1 script:

  • Pythonista 3 – this application has support of Python 2 and 3. Pretty cool IDE for development and running Python scripts (Price – 9.99$)
  • Working Copy – the best GitHub client for iOS devices that I saw (10 days of trial period. Then You need to buy full version to be able to push the changes. But it also has amazing code editor. So, very useful application. The price of full version is 10.99$)You
  • Appex script – that allows migrate the code from Working Copy to Pythonista.

That’s all what You really need. So, just 21$ and You have full IDE on Your iOS device. And You don’t need anymore to take Your laptop with You if You want to travel and work.

Of course that development on MacBook is more comfortable. But if You want to perform some small code changes and push it – this is the best combination.

Details of the usage

  1. Open working copy and connect Your GitHub account. Then clone the repository that You need to work with.
  2. Copy python script from Appex github repo (link above) to clipboard or some buffer or text file or email or Skype whatever.
  3. Open Working Copy, go to Your project and click on right top “Share” icon and click “Run Pythonista Script”. If it’s not visible – activate in this share menu.
  4. Click on “Scratchpad”icon. Paste into editor and run this script. After this action You can open Pythonista app and You will find new available repository called “from Working Copy”.
  5. Open this repo and You will find Your code.
  6. Open file You want to modify. Modify something, click on icon “Instrument” in top right corner and click on “Share”. After this choose “Save in Working Copy”
  7. In the opened dialog click “Save As..”. Do not modify the name. You will see the message on blue popup that “..file in use.. Tap here to overwrite Your file”. Tap on this blue popup, in the new dialog click on “Just Save” (in means that You want to commit the changes later) – and voila, Your file is ready to be committed.

Now go back to Working Copy and commit and push Your changes.

Also I would recommend to download / buy application iZip Pro

This app will allow You to extract and modify different zip files in case You need this.

If You have any questions  – feel free to ask me. Share this article and thank You for reading my blog!