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Hi! My name is  Den Zajac. I’m an expert in automation testing (web/desktop front-end, back-end, and mobile) with 9+ years of commercial experience. My passion is not only the testing. I like software development in general. I cannot live a day without writing several strings of code.

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Automotion framework

Smart visual validations for your Web and  Mobile tests.

Easy integration with Selenium and Appium


TOP Travel application 2018 for iOS and Android with more than 2000 castles of different countries.


The mobile application that allows taking pictures automatically, once the face appears in a focus of the camera.


Integration of Sikuli and Appium in a single framework with the possibility of image recognition during the mobile testing.


QED – the Strange Theory of Light and Matter

QED – the Strange Theory of Light and Matter

I would start with the word "RECOMMENDED". A few days ago, I finished reading lectures by Professor Richard Feynman "QED: A Strange Light Theory and Substance". What is that QED is quantum electrodynamics. The main thing - do not be afraid of these words. In fact,...

The Fibonacci sequence number of “1 000 000”?

The Fibonacci sequence number of “1 000 000”?

Most of the people know or at least have heard about the Fibonacci sequence numbers. To be short - Fibonacci sequence numbers is a sum of the previous both numbers. For example, the 1st and 2nd numbers are 1 and 1. So, the 3rd = 2. And 4th = 2 + 1 = 3. And 5th = 3 + 2...



Automation testing


Technical Leading


Manual testing


Software development

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