Hello friends!

Welcome to lesson #6!

In the previous lesson You learned how to develop simple verification methods, how to decorate them correctly to receive pretty results in case of failures. Today we will review very interesting and very useful topic regarding advanced verifications and how to implement it with Automotion.

So, we used to have the standard verifications, when we verify only that element is displayed or not. But usually we don’t do any validations that elements are aligned properly on the page. Nowadays we have desktop and mobile web application with responsive design. And correct alignment of elements on the page is super important part of business.

Let’s look this example on www.facey.top:


We want to make sure that tabs “TOP”, “NEWEST” and “MY PHOTOS” have correct order and they are aligned properly. And also we need to validate that footer is placed somewhere under top header.

The second thing that we want to verify – that this home page has correct localisation language and the whole text is really in English. Not latino, but really in English.

You will find everything in attached video. Wish You nice watching!


Now we can cover our test suite that require to have some UI/UX and linguistic skills!

In this lesson You’ve learned very interesting things of how to make verification of proper alignment and orders of elements on the page and how to validate that page has correct localisation. Hope this information will help You in Your automation.

Do not miss the next lesson. We will review the implementation of action classes and some advanced usage of Automotion.

Wish You good luck! Have a nice automation!