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Welcome to lesson 4!

Today we will have a short lesson and I’m gonna show You one of the ways of how to use Page Object (simple example) with Automotion. There are many different approaches in usage of Page Object and it is hard to say what is better and what is less good. We will use Automotion library to define web elements with fluent waiters correctly. The example that will be showed is based on the web-site https://www.facey.top. We will add 5 elements into our HomePage class. There are: Logo, tabs “NEWEST”, “TOP”, “MY” and footer.

First of all we will create new package “pages” in directory “src/main/java”. Correct naming of the packages is not some strict rule, but this is a part of a clean code that is very important for test maintenance. After creating package “pages” let’s create Java class “HomePage”. All next steps and tricks You can find on the video.

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So,  huh! You know already how to create new Maven project, add Cucumber scenario, extend scenario, create first steps for Selenium tests, what is pattern Page Object and how to use it. Now You have enough skills to create some simple automation testing solution. But this is only beginning. And in the next lessons You will find much more interesting information about advanced automation testing.

Learn how to create advanced verifications in the next lesson.

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