Hello friends!

Welcome to lesson 3!

Today we will review how to use Cucumber and Selenium wrapped in Automotion library. You will understand that to automate Your project is super easy.

Automotion is powerful Java library for automation testing that allows us easy start WebDriver without configuration of it. Also this library has many helpful features that will be very useful in the future.

Please, read carefully how to use this library here Automotion. It’s very easy but You need to know some instruction at least.

So, let’s start and to see how it goes!

Firstly, let’s remove not needed scenario that we created in previous lesson to keep our project clean. Also rename our feature file, feature name and scenario name.

We will automate Selenium-Cucumber scenario where we will open web-site

https://www.facey.top and verify that main logo exists.

Before the start be sure that You have installed Firefox and Chrome browsers.

To download the latest Chrome driver visit this web-site:


Also double check that You have in pom.xml dependency to Automotion library.

All next steps You’ll find in video. Have a nice watching!

Now You now how to create Your first Selenium scenario using Cucumber. It’s really easy, isn’t it?

We’re gonna review how to create and use Page Object in our next lesson. Each of the lessons is very important and helps to understand how everything works. Do not forget to practice.

Thanks for watching my lessons!

Have a good automation!