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It’s a first lesson from the tutorial of how to create new project for automation testing based on Selenium, Automotion and Cucumber.

Preparation of environment

Before starting creation of a new project You need:

1. Download and install IDEA IntelliJ. Community version will be enough.

2. Download and install Java 1.8 JDK latest version. For Windows – setup Env variables for Java home:

  1. Right click on ‘My Computers’ and open ‘Properties’.
  2. In Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to “Advanced System Settings”. …
  3. Go to ‘Advanced Tab’ and click on Environment Variables button.
  4. Select ‘Path’ under the list of ‘System Variables’, and press Edit and add C:\Program Files\java\jdk{version}\bin after a semicolon.

3. Download and install Maven 3. For Windows – setup Env variables. Detailed description is here:


To verify that everything is installed correctly You need:

  • for JAVA: open Terminal and type “java -version”. Output should display version of Java installed on Your computer
  • for Maven – open Terminal and type “mvn” and press enter. You need to see in output some dummy build process.

Installing of additional plugins

After You have installed IDEA IntelliJ You need to install additional plugins for IDEA. There are:

1. Cucumber for Java. This plugin will be required to bind Cucumber feature file (scenarios) with Java code.

2. Pipe Table Formatter. This plugin will be required to format tables in Cucumber scenarios.

How to install plugins: Go to IDEA Settings -> Plugins. Click on “Browse repositories…”. Type plugin name and click on green button “Install”. After installing both plugins You need to restart IDEA to activate the plugins.

Creating new project

Ok, now we are ready to start the creation of our first project.

Please, create new project. If You don’t have any projects in IDEA – run IDEA IntelliJ and click on Create new project like on the picture:


If You have already opened IDEA with some projects – follow steps from this picture:


Please, watch next video with detailed tutorial of how to create Maven project, build Maven pom.xml (configuration file for Maven project) and create first Java classes for test running.

Also how to create first Cucumber scenario and run it successfully.

Have a nice watching!

Now You know how to setup environment for automation testing, how to create Your first Maven project and Cucumber scenario. In the next lesson we will review how to use tables in Cucumber scenarios and what are tags and how to use them.

Thanks for watching us!

Have a good automation!