I would start with the word “RECOMMENDED”.

A few days ago, I finished reading lectures by Professor Richard Feynman “QED: A Strange Light Theory and Substance”. What is that QED is quantum electrodynamics. The main thing – do not be afraid of these words. In fact, everything is much more complicated than you can imagine

We live in a very interesting era of discoveries, known and unknown!

This book (in fact – it’s 4 lectures) has become a bestseller on quantum physics since it is written in the most understandable way and for those who just want to know a little more and for those who already know a lot.

You probably have heard that quanta are behaving like “particles” and as “waves”. It all depends on the observer. That is, if you follow one “electron” – then it will move as one small fraction. And if you do not observe, then more than one electron can appear on the receiver. Riddle to today.

The behavior of light, the behavior of matter at the lowest level that can be represented today. And the most interesting thing is how to measure everything and prove the truth of the theory! Personally, I am always very curious as to how the masses of quanta were measured with great accuracy.

Also, you will understand (if you read a book) why the light is reflected from some surfaces and not absorbed by others.

Recommendations for reading:

Do not try to remember all terms. There are many of them. Just try to understand if you understand the essence of the above.

The fact is that modern physicists themselves are changing in the names of quantum particles and began to give them rather odd names, such as “s-quark”, where “s” – means “strange”. I will not spoil more. Just if you feel that you like to discover a new one, it’s not open – it’s a book for you.