During the last few years, the tones of the mobile applications for travelling have appeared on the mobile market. Their goals were to simplify the ways of travelling, find the best places to stay and to eat. But have they asked the users what they are really interested in? Do the apps really work for the easy travels?

Let’s review a simple example of 1–2 days of the journey.

A person is an average tourist on a car, with a low-average budget for the journey. It means that this person is not interested in the expensive hotels, restaurants, VIP tours, etc. The person wants to find the next things:

1. Something that is possible to get for free during the trip. Probably the discounts or special offers.

2. The place where to leave a car. Not the most expensive parking places, but something, that is recommended by the people as a secure and cheap place.

3. The information about the museums as normally it’s not expensive and quite often it has different discounts.

4. The place where it is possible to take great photos with no limits, probably even having a photo session.

5. Short description about places with an audio-guide. This is very important if you want to walk, to watch, to take the photos with free hands.

MobiCastle — is the first travel service that includes the best castles of Europe. Why the castles? Every year hundreds of millions of tourists are visiting the castles of Europe. These are the perfect places for taking great pictures and active time spending.

But is it only about the castles? No, of course. MobiCastle has a very useful information about the ticket prices, parking, possible offers or discounts, also about free presentations and the most cheaper Booking.com offers in the area.

There are Android and iOS applications.


 More information and localized applications could be found onhttps://www.mobicastle.com/

Download the MobiCastle applications and start to build your journeys today!

What people are telling about MobiCastle:

It is easy to travel when there is valuable information! Recommended!

This app is absolutely perfect. Even embedded advertising accommodation is very convenient and useful. For, my person, I will be happy if he stayed and will be regularly maintained and updated.

Stone. Finally, a proper application to the Czech castles. Only in the future, please add and lesser-known ruins of castles and fortresses are missing, but otherwise really cool 🙂

Very cool and useful application.

Enjoy the travels with MobiCastle!